AAM wants to know who supports farmers

Okalahoma City At their 24th Annual convention, the American Agriculture Movement, Inc. heard about how the organization was conceived. From a small meeting in Springfield, CO, to the idea of a Farmers Strike, to putting 50,000 farmers in Washington, DC in 1978, followed by a National Tractorcade in 1979.

The members enjoyed speakers that ranged from historical to presidential campaigns and current legislation.

The question our members want answered is: WHO SUPPORTS FAMILY FARMS?

A recent Cornell University study found that 85% of U.S. dairies will go out of business before 2020. We believe that this is also true in many other segments of production agriculture.

With the recent serious health concerns about the U.S. food supply with mad cow from Canada and e-coli contaminated onions from Mexico and the fact that 25% of our food comes from other countries, it is unthinkable that the Secretary of Agriculture would take the side of a few large agribusinesses to prevent consumers of this nation from knowing if the food that they buy is U.S. grown rather than supporting the 166 family farm and consumer organizations that had requested she follow the law and implements country of origin labeling (COOL)

The Secretary of Agriculture also voided a democratic vote by U.S. hog producers to stop the forced check-off tax on their hogs which is being used to fund their economic destruction. This seems out of place as U.S. soldiers die almost daily in Iraq to give Iraqis the right to vote.