AAM members attend Alliance for Rural America Conference

The American Agriculture Movement attended the Alliance for Rural America’s 7th Energy Issues Conference on March 14th. It was held at the Four Point Sheraton in D.C. AAM members attending the Energy Conference were: Buddy Vance, Wayne Allen, Joyce Jobgen, Lynn and Anna Kirkpatrick, John Willis and Vera Morris. Energy policy, air quality, renewable fuels and wind energy were issues discussed that impact farm and rural families. While they were in D.C. they lobbied House and Senate members. Information gathered will help the Alliance work on all farmers behalf.

One of the issues the members discussed with lawmakers was the Energy Bill that promotes traditional energy providers by permitting oil and natural gas drilling on the Artic National Wildlife Refuge. This bill will allow the federal government to establish liquefied natural gas terminals in about 40 ports.

It will provide economic incentives to build new gasoline refineries The bill offers $13 billion tax breaks for the next 10 years to fund R & D energy programs.