Press Release: Ed Fashing [] VP-Communications AAM, 573-687-3244 February 9, 2005.


The American Agriculture Movement, Inc. held its 26th convention in Oklahoma City February 3-6. Speakers were: farm broadcaster Derry Brownfield, George Naylor from the National Family Farm Coalition, an AAM founder Steve Close, Oklahoman lawyer Harlan Hentgens, American Corn Growers Association officers David Senter & Larry Mitchell, newly elected AAM VP-Political Action John Willis, AAM Treasurer Joyce Jobgen, and AAM President Buddy Vance.

The American Agriculture Movement, Inc. is the farmer/rancher organization that sponsored the 1979 tractorcade that brought 50,000 farmers and 5,000 tractors to Washington, D.C. in 1978 and 1979 protesting the Farm Crisis. The Farm Crisis greatly lowers farmersí income; it still exists.

The American Agriculture Movement strongly believes that all crops should be targeted for 100% of Parity (a fair price) present about 1942. Now 15 commodities average below 40% of PARITY. Extreme profits are made by processors, middleman, and sellers rather than farmers and ranchers.

The American Agriculture Movement supports the Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) mandate signed into law as part of the 2002 Farm Bill that is not being enforced. We urge you to support truth in labeling with COOL since most of us want to know where our food originates.

AAM supports the decision of the jury in Picket v. Tyson/IBP that found the packers guilty of market manipulation and fined Tyson $1.2 billion for lowering the price paid by packers for cattle for many years. The judge vacated the decision found by the jury; this is an unusual ruling.

The American Agriculture Movement stands for safe meat and the continued closing of the Canadian Border until no new mad cow infected cattle are found for a reasonable time.

AAM believes that packers that wish to test animals for mad cow at their own cost should be permitted to do so by U.S. Department of Agriculture. This would increase U.S. beef export and help the balance of payments.

AAM believes that implementation of alternative energy sources should be encouraged by all state and federal agencies. AAM backs ethanol and biodiesel fuel use.

AAM believes producers should be free to cancel commodity check-offs paid by them to advertise products with a producersí vote.

AAM believes that a halt should be brought to out-sourcing of food, jobs and manufacturing.

AAM believes that free trade agreements should be made mainly to support U.S. citizens and prevent the destruction of U.S. economy, and not to bribe foreign countries, protect copyrights or patents held by Nashville, Hollywood, chemical & seed companies, and the print media.

AAM wishes that the U.S. Congress would work for border control and stopping the millions of illegal aliens from migrating uncontrollably and violently into the U.S.

AAM believes that the main purpose of the new farm bill should be to support U.S. food producers.

AAM-a collection of the first environmentalists-farmers and ranchers-believes in bringing balance to the enforcement of the Endangered Species Act by considering protection from predators and upholding land rights of land owners.

AAM is concerned about the enforcement of UN Agenda 21 (using sustainable development) that socialistically is absorbing land and moving rural people off the land.