From: Ed Fashing


Many rural problems can be traced to the United Nation’s Agenda 21. Agenda 21 and its sugar coated issue Sustainable Development are not recognized by many as dangerous. Most U.S. citizens never heard of Agenda 21. Sustainable Development comes from the Bruntland Report, Our Common Future, found in the 1987 United Nations World Commission on Environment and Development. Agenda 21 is a comprehensive global plan of action designed to impact nations, states, communities and people in every area of world environment.

Agenda 21 was stressed during the 1992 UN Conference on Environment & Development at the Rio Earth Summit. Over 178 nations pledged to follow Agenda 21 and evaluate its implementation every 5 years. President George H. W. Bush (41) signed for the U.S., however, Congress never authorized Agenda 21’s implementation. Although not a treaty, Agenda 21 is “soft-law policy” that may not need ratification. Recently the 11th Federal District Court ruled that the actions of Federal Agencies implementing Agenda 21 was authorized since the Federal Government acted positively toward Agenda 21. Many actions hurting rural residents fostering globalization rise from Agenda 21.

Today terms like “smart growth,” “comprehensive planning,” and “growth management” are used to implement Agenda 21. Read pamphlet EPA 231-R-04-002: Protecting Resources with Smart Growth. You can get the pamphlet from EPA by calling 513-891-6561. The above excuses are used to prevent land owners from using their land in numerous ways the extremist environmentalists and globalists do not wish. As a result, an increasing number of people, so far mainly in the Southwest and Western United States, are prevented from use of land on which they pay taxes or hold legitimate leases. All this is done to further creeping-socialism and anti-capitalism. U.S. founding fathers made a mistake: they changed the wording from an earlier draft with “life, liberty and the pursuit of land” to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” They never dreamed hundreds of years later that in this republic, the money-starved local governmental agencies and commissioners would sell out tax-payers for federal, state, and trust fund greenbacks.

The United Nations’ Charter and the Declaration of Human Rights says rights are granted and rescinded by men instead of “endowed by their Creator as unalienable rights.” More U.S. leaders should realize the U.S. is not a socialist country and act as members of a democratic republic. Proponents of Agenda 21 believe individual human needs, wants, and desires must conform to the views and rules of planners. The elite claim to know better what the under classes should do and how they should think. The impact of Sustainable Development is to restructure the economy and zoning with public-private partnerships rather than government controlled private enterprise. Some of these wizards believe that the U.S. middle class lives too well and should be brought down to the third world nations by a level playing field. The strange thing is that some damage is done by some planners who are famous billionaires and/or their trust funds after they die. Now that the elite “got it” they know what everyone else should do and how they should live. The final scenario is a modern day neo-serfdom working for transnational corporations in a pristine country.

Article 8 of the Covenant on Environment and Development refers to world equality being achieved by implementation of the economic order by transferring resources of richer countries to developing countries. The sad fact is many developing countries are more aware of the destruction of international order. Many present world wars are based on struggles among governmental armies, “dupes of world change,” econuts and transnational corporations working against the world’s poor who strive to eek-out a living wage. This is a multisided struggle not easily put onto paper so it is not often discussed. Some American econuts are unknowingly used and some believe the agenda destroying private property is necessary for the pseudo-rainbow of a pristine environment as 1500AD when the invaders to the Americas destroyed the pristine beauty. Some of these activists worship the god of the earth in the name of the new UN religion. This way of thinking takes over whole TV channels preaching to the youth that whales, porpoises and tigers are mankind’s spiritual and mental equal.

Parents increasingly have less control over children. Agenda 21 proponents want to use youth to reach “sustainability.” “How could you kill that tortoise? How could you shoot a cute prairie dog? We must protect the spotted owl and keep timber companies out of the forest. How can people cut down trees? Do not use the Missouri River for grain barges; it hurts the pallid sturgeon’s habitat and population.” These are some of their mottos.

Proponents and facilitators of sustainable development sometimes hold “stakeholder meetings” where they brain-wash people to implement new zoning regulations to foster “smart growth.” They permit no opposition. They wish to answer no questions and ignore questions. Sometimes they pack the audience to ridicule minority views. They seek to give power to enforce regulations to non-elected officials.

Have you heard of the “Wildlands Project” or the “Wetlands Project” plans to return at least 50% of the U.S. to the pristine beauty of 1500AD? These plans would breach dams to return rivers to their original state. Where will energy come from now produced by hydroelectric energy sources? These experts oppose coal burning power-plants. They oppose nuclear plants. Even natural gas burning electric plants are opposed since they produce carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas. Some scientists believe solar cyclical variation is the main cause of Global Warming. The answer given by some econuts to solve many environmental problems is to return people to carefully planned cities which magically requiring lesser energy.
Agenda 21

Some conservationists release panthers, bears, wolves, coyotes and deer into suburbia and rural areas. How many people must be sacrificed for these environmentalist's mirage?
Farmers lose income from free trade agreements as the World Trade Organization (WTO) agreement foisted by U.S. Trade Representatives to help exporters, meat packers, multinational corporations, Hollywood film makers, music sellers, and publishers. The U.S. Department of Agriculture acts as if it is the U.S. Department of Agribusiness.

Excuses for new zoning laws are: socialism, global warming, the endangered species act, riparian rights, pollution, freeway congestion, or poor environmental attitudes of the public. How could anyone be against stopping pollution? Thousands of organizations fight to implement Agenda 21 of which most of them have IRS tax breaks. Some even get governmental money to fight against the rights of U.S. farmers and ranchers, the first environmentalists.

The International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) has many solutions that enable sustainable change implementation of UN Agenda 21 and the Rio Treaty. Clinton established the President’s Council for Sustainable Development by Executive Order. Some organizations that work for sustainable development are: the Nature Conservancy, Sierra Club, National Audubon Society, American Planning Association, Rockefeller Foundation, Pew Charitable Trusts, Turner Foundation, David and Lucille Packard Foundation, Irvine Foundation, Carnegie Foundation, McArthur Foundation and many others.

Extremist environmentalists have greatly succeeded with their implementation Agenda 21.

In July, the Reno Freedom Conference discussed Agenda 21.