Just for fun
Submitted by Ed Fashing


To find the day of the week for any date since May 1, 1753, add the following 5 numbers: the last 2 digits of the year, 1/4 of the last 2 digits of the year discarding the remainder, the monthly date, the month key listed below and the century code listed below. The sum is divided by 7 and the remainder is found in the day of the week list. If there is no remainder, the day is Saturday.

6 for dates in the 2000ís
0 for dates in the 1900ís
2 for dates in the 1800ís
4 for dates in the 1700ís

January 1
January (leap) 1
February 4
February (leap) 3
March 4
April 0
May 2
June 5
July 0
August 3
September 6
October 1
November 4
December 6

Sunday 1
Monday 2
Tuesday 3
Wednesday 4
Thursday 5
Friday 6
Saturday 0 even division

Example: What day of the week was July 4, 1776?

Last 2 digits of the year: 76
1/4 of the last 2 digits of the year 19
Day of the month: 4
Month key number for July: 0
Year correction for the 1700ís 4
Total 103

Divided by 7 gives 14 with a remainder of 5. In the list of the Daily Key 5 represents Thursday. The day of the week of July 4, 1776, is Thursday.