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Volume 7, Issue 2  -  May, 2001

Annual National Family Farm Coalition Meeting
By Bob Hemminger

The Annual National Family Farm Coalition Meeting was held at The Maritime Institute of Technology in Baltimore, Maryland, February 9-12, 2001.

Mina and I attended the meeting as representatives of the American Agriculture Movement, Inc. There were representatives present from twenty-seven other farm organizations from twenty-three states, east, west, north and south locations—all with problems to solve, looking for solutions, pooling their knowledge and ideas—some with information on accomplishments.

Special speakers about various subjects were in attendance, offering help for the farmer’s dilemma. An announcement of interest was that Past Secretary of Agriculture, Dan Glickman had warned his successor, Ann Veneman, that biotechnology might be her most exasperating problem. In her speedy conformation Venemen did not reveal anything concerning her views, but to quote a well-known Washington D.C. writer, her conformation sounded like a “Farm Bureau” ice cream social.

It was noted that the Justice Department had failed to uphold the laws, rules and regulations of Legislation that has been passed and is on record.

The Past Secretary of Agriculture failed to put into effect the law about the checkoff that was recently voted on by the Pork Producers. The Pork Producers vote plainly said they did not want the checkoff any longer. This could be the beginning of the end of mandatory fees for marketing commodities: at least a long hard look will follow.

The ambiguous importation of milk reduced to the lowest molecule state that circumvents rules and regulations concerning milk and milk by-products shipped to the United States and reconstructed into cheese and other products. Is it any wonder that some of the most popular brands of cheese taste like cardboard with vitamin A added?

Genetics of all aspects of agriculture were discussed, especially the GMO’s with regard to being accepted by the European Common Market. How about their problem with Mad Cow and Hoof and Mouth disease?

The Maritime is an excellent place for a meeting. The atmosphere, hospitality, meeting rooms and food were the best.

Bill Christison of Chillicothe, Missouri was re-elected President and I accepted a position on the by-laws committee.

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