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Volume 7, Issue 2  -  May, 2001

April 2001

TO: The United States Senate Agriculture committee:

A week ago, I mailed you each a copy of my proposal for saving not only agriculture but also, if followed, a way to save the economy of these United States.

But how do I tell the story for each of you to understand? It’s a long story of the slow death of the freedom of these United States and the coming death of our constitution if some committee of the United States Senate does not take drastic action to stop this Nations downfall.

In my research of history, books written by Carl Wilken, industrial engineer Charles B. Ray and Dr. John Lee Couther and those convincing Congress to write the Agriculture Laws of 1933 thru 1949 and articles by Charles Walters, Jr. and many others. And by going to the Law Library in Topeka, December, 1998, reading the Agriculture Laws and the 1942 Federal Emergency Price Control Act. I tried to write a solution that would stop and reverse this Nations downfall.    It is the slow death of this Nations freedom coming with the many debts compiled by our Government? The debts of private citizens and businesses? Never in history of the World has any country and it’s people owed so much money with so little means to repay the lenders?

Did not our ancestors come to this country to get away from these ills? Now jobs leaving this Nation? High taxes, low wages for the working class and family farmers? High interest rate? Low material prices? A corrupt court system? Eventually no freedom of movement or religion? Don’t say it’s not coming if not stopped.

Did not our forefathers carve this Nation out of a wilderness: Gave it to us on a “Silver Platter” so to speak. Are we going to let it slip away? Surely God has to be very angry with most of us for letting it happen? “II Chronicles 7:14:, “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sins, and will heal their land.”

So was it not Carl Wilkens and Associates that convinced the United States Agriculture Departments and their secretaries that World War II could not be won without a parity price for raw materials of agriculture and the need for a Federal Emergency Price Control Act to control industrial wages and the price of their finished product. That we had a 1942 thru 1952 period of a smooth prosperity and a contained people with very little crime, low welfare and jails empty?

And did not the Steagall Amendment to the War Stabilization Act give it the money to win the war? Yet the Steagall Amendment was taken way in 1952 and we’ve been going downhill ever since.

Carl Wilkens, in a speech in Springfield, Illinois in 1959 made this statement. Speaking to farmers, “If the government doesn’t restore parity to agriculture, the debt will double every ten years and by 1980 we will have a debt explosion, high interest rates, many farm foreclosures, bank failures, giant corporation mergers, and we will become a debtor nation. Furthermore, when the government can no longer service its debt, the Nation will go into bankruptcy and finally receivership, probably emerging with a dictator form of government.” Can our present Congress go back and study history or will Carl Wilkens’ prediction come true?

What’s the trend since 1952? All the President’s and Congresses since 1952, regardless of party? Has not all followed the same course of low farm prices? Low wages, too much exports, especially raw materials, too much imports of finished products, exportation of jobs with industries for slave labor to benefit the rich? All to make these United States a debtor Nation. Is there a conspiracy? Is this what our ancestors worked so hard for to give us a Nation of the land of the free? What are our so-called Leaders doing with our inheritance? Lord, please give us new Leadership?

Has not the last few Presidents referred to the New World Order? In my judgment it means a one world economy, a song of LOVE & MARRIAGE? A NAFTA AND GATT-WTO Agreements. The making of a One World economy and a One World Government. Is this what our forefathers worked so hard for? Have not we’ve gone about lowering our raw material prices, selling them all over the world at half price or less, under the disguise of free trade? With no tariffs to protect our own markets? This is sure not what President Lincoln would approve. He had the highest tariffs in History. And this Nation had great prosperity. Where’s our leadership of Justice for our own citizens?

In my judgment as I study markets and trends, our presidents and Congress have given the control of our Nation to the Big Corporations with Free trade and open borders. When President Washington all the way to President Wilson ran under the policy of Fair Trade and protected borders. And especially since 1952, our Government debt increasing to over six trillion dollars and private debt, if you can keep account, over thirteen trillion dollars and growing. Many rural businesses and towns going out of existence. The merger of banks all over the land, Savings and Loans in real trouble, perhaps to be salvaged by the taxpayers as long as there is any taxpayers left? Will the last be the Insurance Companies and the pension money?

Don’t laugh. This is serious! Did not under President Reagan we were selling nine billion dollars in Treasury Bonds every Monday? Now we are selling twenty-two billion dollars in Treasury Bonds every Monday. When will the game be over?

Can or will our President and Congress go back and study the history of our farm laws of 1933 thru 1949. Study how economy was so good at the time. Then admit that by not keeping farm prices and all raw material prices at parity is what is bringing these United States to fall to it’s death.

In my judgment, I may be crucified, hanged, shot, or whatever for putting this in print. But I was raised and taught to always try and stay out of debt. So not to have to pay interest. Surely our ancestors felt thesame way. But what has happened since 1952? As I just wrote, trillions in debt. I thought we were an educated Nation? But how easily can the voters be misled? Both parties would not let Pat Buchanan nor Ralph Nader debate the real issues? Neither Bush nor Gore should have gotten any votes for not addressing the issue or our National Debt and our enemy of inflation and the loss of our National sovereignty How easily can the conspiracy lead the blind when both Pat and Ralph had some answers.

Wilkens finding from his 1929-1946 study was a basic ratio of five dollars of national income for every one dollar of total raw material income. This is convincing because of the fact he included the years of the worst depression and substantially all the years from the parity period, of 1942-1946. Then he made the observation that while farm raw materials comprised approximately seventy percent of the “total” raw materials used to operate the economy. Then national income would have to be computed at seven times the value of farm raw material income, with only seventy percent of the total raw material production being included in the equation.

However, the basic find is that one dollar of total raw material production (including the seventeen years which included the 1930’s “bust” and the 1940’s “boom.”

In the annual cycle of producing all raw materials or new wealth, we now generate approximately seven dollars of national income for each one dollar of raw materials. In the annual cycle of producing agricultural raw materials or new wealth, we now generate approximately ten dollars of national income for each one dollar of raw materials. This is the turn of the dollar or creation of new wealth, providing raw materials are priced at parity with the average cost of all other goods and services. The change is due to population increase and improvement in technology.

There’s more of his study that the Senate Agriculture committee needs to study along with the Federal Emergency Price Control Act that was passed in 1942 to keep inflation greed in check that is now needed to bring our economy under control.

So with the foregone research and analysis is the reason for my proposed farm bill. It is very crucial that corporations be outlawed from farming. First, the farmer needs to be on the farm, in control, and be the management of the production. Second, with farm raw material, new wealth, provided by our good Lord each year. The farm representation needs to be in the United States Department of Agriculture to assure that the product goes through the process to the consumer at a reasonable price. Third, Congress, by law, with a Federal Emergency Inflation Price Control Act, needs to establish a parity price of not less than ninety percent nor over one hundred and ten percent of parity on all major commodities. (The smaller commodities will fall in line.) Fourth, our first premise must be to maintain a solvent Nation. If we are to maintain a representative form of government and our personal freedom, income must be created by production multiplied by a parity price, rather than borrowed from our Capital resources, which has to be repaid with interest out of income generated in future years if we have a Nation left?

If we are to survive, we must regulate the true punching power of the dollar. For each dollar we lose in the way of farm income, our Nation will lose approximately ten dollars of National income. This formula proves true ever since parity was dropped to sixty to ninety percent in 1952 and has fallen ever since. We’ll soon have no Nation if not reversed.

A book by Fred Lundgren and Jerome Friemel “The Nature of Wealth” certainly brings out that if parity in Agriculture had been maintained at ninety to one hundred and fifteen percent of parity, this Nation would be out of debt. All legislatures need to read this book.

Our first order of business must be to maintain a solvent nation, if we are to maintain a representative form of government and our personal freedom.

Income must be created by production multiplied by a parity price, even if it takes strict controls, we should not be borrowing from our capital resources. And thus be subject to repayment with interest added out of income generated in future years.

There's more that could be added only hoping and praying I’ve made my reasons for a farm bill.

In Conclusion: My proposal is not politics nor one farm organization. After my research, these are my ideas and reasons to save our great nation. I want no credit. I want the Senate Agriculture Committee to take all credit. For we need not only to save Agriculture, we need to save our Nation.

If my advice is followed, there is no need for piece meal legislation. The Agriculture Committee to establish the need of all commodities and issue to the States what’s needed.

The States allot to the counties, and counties issue to farmers with marketing certificates.

Now as of this date, I’ve never heard from anyone who I mailed my proposal to in Washington. Please write back and give me your opinions. We need to correct our farm policies to save our Nation.

Again—Please let me hear from you.

As I’ve lost my wife, I’m hard to catch at home. So write and if any one wants to talk to me, give me your phone numbers and a time you would want me to call. Note: I’m on central time.
Awaiting your reply,
Alvin Bauman

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