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Volume 7, Issue 4  -  November, 2001

U.S. Sovereignty Lost to Globalization

By William J. Gill

Americans for Trade Defense

President bush warns us the war on Terrorism could last a long time.  But a serious question immediately arises:  Is America really prepared for a long war?

General John A. Wickham Jr., the Army Chief of Staff didn’t think we were back in 1987 when we were much better prepared than now.

“Today’s Army could deploy to the Persian Gulf or similar distant trouble spot faster than any other in U.S. peacetime history, but would run out of supplies after only a few months of intense fighting because there is no national production base to support it, the nation’s top soldier says

In the years since then more than 700 steel mills closed in the United States.  Virtually all our other critical defense industries have also been hard hit, some of them gutted entirely.

Yet our government continues to pursue the “free” trade policy chiefly responsible for this industrial carnage.  And as this is written the administration is pushing hard for Congress to give the President “trade promotion authority” — alias “Fast Track” —  to pave the way for the Free Trade Area of the Americas and expand the reach of the World Trade organization.

If the FTAA is approved, what is left of America’s once mighty industrial base will wither away entirely.

Somebody should tell President Bush that in World War II it was our defense industrial base, combined with the bravery and fighting skills of our men, that brought us through to victory.

Moreover, it is obvious that merging the U.S. with  all of Latin America will greatly increase immigration, drug smuggling and crime.  NAFTA did all these things.  A Super-NAFTA can only exacerbate all these problems while shipping our jobs and industries to the south and killing off still more family farms.

Remember: the Free Trade Area of the Americas will be the biggest step ever taken toward world government.  It must be stopped before our sovereignty and independence disappears forever.



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