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Volume 7, Issue 4  -  November, 2001


by Ed Fashing

A  Wakeup Call to Loyalty

TransNational Corporation (TNC’s) could not care less about helping American in a war or any other action.  Hopefully loyal citizens working for these corporation will recognize how TNCs act against the interests of our country.  Due to the Endangered Species Act the actions of the environmentally challenged work against the interests of the U.S.  Many greens are anti-capitalist, anarchists, atheists, or animists.  Extremist capitalists led by elite cosmopolitans work against all countries and act as enemies of the Americans who were attacked in New York city and D.C.  The U.S. government is so top heavy, it is unable to protect us.  Citizens must protect themselves.  Tom Brokow said government did not properly act and NBC had to go to a private doctor to find Anthrax spores.  When I was in the Army, action came after a long 7 copy requisition.  Note the people's House of Representatives ran!

The U.S. must produce most of our own food, oil, timber, steel, electrical energy, ore, coal, and manufactured products.  If not, we will have massive hunger, brown-outs, lack of building materials, few war vehicles, and little steel.  The U.S. must support farmers, steel workers, cattlewomen, miners, lumbermen, and factory workers.  America is too dependent on foreign producers for many items.  If the course is not changed, the U.S. will follow Britain’s fate to being  a second class country.  Can we depend on far east made electrical goods, middle east programmers, European made tanks, Canadian wheat, Mexican tomatoes and fruits, or Israeli gasmasks in case of a major war?

When I was at Missouri University as a teaching assistant in the 1980’s, American born TAs were fewer than 20% in the chemistry department.  Many other university departments still have similar percentages.  Foreigners pay full tuition at colleges.  There are more Indonesian MDs in New York City than in Indonesia.  American lets foreigners into the U.S. with green cards to study and then lets them stay permanently.  They should go home and help their native countries for at least 5 years be fore returning.  Meanwhile U.S. born students lack better jobs since foreign-borns work for less.   New degreed foreign professionals do not go home to upgrade their countries, intensifying the economic differences between the U.S. and 3rd world nations.  We attract potential 3rd world leaders, who stay here and sit before the TV in their easy chairs.  To make it worse, many go home after 20 years and take their retirement or Social Security money to help lower the U.S. dollar’s value.

After the Attack

Since the New York WTC 911 attack, killing 5,000, consumers reduced spending, bill paying is less, bankruptcies increased, taxes are lost from destroyed buildings, and the FED flooded the market with money.  The effect on the U.S. economy and emotions is a series of tidal waves crossing America.  Over 300,000 workers will be fired in various companies.  Many industries  ask for more corporate welfare.  A recession is here.  The U.S. survived even the Depression.  In D.C., K Street lobbyists are swarming after the money flowing in D.C. streets.  Unpatriotic representatives and senators stall antiterrorist bills with pork-barrel amendments, pass anti-farmer bills, and leak critical information .

At ground zero huge, foreign-made cranes and machines salvage in the rubble.  The stench of smoke and toxic cadaverine from decomposing human flesh is sickening. 

Those partially culpable for the WTC terrorism are incompetent security workers, dishonest airport workers, greedy airlines, and incompetent FAA.  When going through a security check, I saw bored security workers flirting, arguing, or discussing how many hours they’d work.  With today’s laws, incompetent workers cannot be fired.  Few new laws must be passed, but laws protecting incompetent workers must be modified.  The WTC terrorism may bury globalism.  Should new buildings and malls be as concentrated?

With foreign contamination threats, why trust foreign products if better tools and healthier local foods are available.  There was a “farmers’ market” at ground zero!

Countries must unite against terrorism as against pirates in the 1800’s.  Piracy quickly disappeared when pirates were hung when caught.  Terrorists must be quickly executed by all countries, no matter what their cause, religion, or nationality.

During WW II:  meat, gasoline, fuel oil, cigarettes, gum, tires silk stockings, coffee, and whiskey were in low supply or unavailable.

Computer Help

Jay Walley tells how to protect from computer viruses and worms.  Under e-mail  Addresses bring down new Contact.  Type !000 into the first name; in new mail address type; Worm Alert.  If you get a worm, it goes to the address book to the first address that will be !000  which will be non deliverable.  The message will be returned with the title “Worm Alert.”   You will know you have a worm to be removed by your virus program.

Ed. Note:  Don’t know if this works for sure, but shouldn’t hurt anything.



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