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Volume 7, Issue 4  -  November, 2001

National Delegates Meet

There was a National Delegates meeting in Kansas City, MO on November 17, 2001.  The meetings were held at the Holiday Inn Airport, 11832 Plaza Circle.     

The delegates meeting was scheduled to allow all officers, executive board, delegates and other interested members to attend the National Farm Broadcasters (NFB) meeting on Thursday, November 15.  We had the opportunity to talk  to farm media from all across the country.  What an opportunity to talk about farm issues and PARITY to so many in the farm broadcasting field in one location.  Gene Schroder was scheduled to  be at the NFB meeting on Thursday talking to media ,promoting and educating the farm media on the existing laws which provide PARITY for all farm commodities.

On Friday, November 16, at 9:00 a.m.,  Gene Schroder presented a  program at the Holiday Inn Airport for anyone interested in more detailed explanation of the Agriculture Adjustment  Act of 1933 and the situation with the Four Farmers Suit and where we go from here.

At the delegates meeting, we made plans for the convention, got an update on farm legislation and other matters related to the operation of your organization, the American Agriculture Movement.  There is time for you to have input and add your thoughts and ideas.  The more minds we have at work the better the outcome.  For further information, contact V.B. Morris at 806-733 2203 or e-mail to: texasaaminc@gruver.net

And be gathering up auction items to bring to the Convention.  The auction and Taco Bar are the most  fun and relaxing times of the Convention—unless you spend too much money at the auction!


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