Volume 7, Issue 1  -  March 1, 2001

Alvin Jenkin's Report

To: AAM Newsletter

My wife and I have just returned from attending the National Meeting of A.A.M. Inc. held in Oklahoma City, it was an outstanding meeting.

I have made mistakes in the past and as a human being I will make some in the future, I am not speaking for anyone but myself, I want to put the past in the past and regardless of who we thought made a mistake, let's do everything we can to forget it.

As most of you know, we have a lawsuit pending in federal court. We must fight to the bitter end or to victory...American Agriculture coined one phrase "parity in the marketplace": that's exactly what this law says...Please get it and read it, you can show it to your minister, your banker, your businesses, friend or any living human being. American Agriculture has been right from day one, we have been lied to or at the least totally deceived, either one is certainly not right. We must all get together and work for this one Cause, once again, 'parity in the marketplace'. It is the Law.

When they passed the Labor Act, they guaranteed everyone a minimum wage and if you did not pay that amount or more you could be fined or sent to jail. They said laboring people could form unions and strike for higher wages but it was against the law for agriculture to form Unions so they guaranteed us our minimum wage, "parity in the marketplace'.

I am asking each of us to contact a minimum of ten people and ask each one of them to contact others, we must not fail...the Federal 10th Circuit Court of appeals has overruled Judge John Kane and ordered Oral Arguments on our Case to start at 9:00 AM, MST. March 13, 2001 in the Federal Court in Denver, Colorado. Everyone is welcome to come, we are not going there to cause any type of trouble, we are going there seeking justice in the Law.

In the week of February 10, there is supposed to be a group of State Attorney Generals and State Secretaries of Agriculture meet with us in Albuquerque, New Mexico to try and figure a way to form a coalition where they can join in this law case. If we should be ruled against in the 10th circuit court, rest assured of one thing...they haven't even thought about hearing the last of us yet.

American Agriculture, Inc. has been very supportive monetarily and other ways. They have a newsletter that can keep everyone informed.

Once again, I say with all my heart, let's fight for Parity and not each other.

Your very humble but honored friend,

Alvin Jenkins

The following is a letter to the editor that Alvin Jenkins sent to his local papers:

Letter to the Editor:

In the Law Case-Farmers vs. U.S. Government

An explanation of that case and why it was filed...After years of research and study of law, we discovered that a law written in 1933 by the U.S. Congress and passed by the Senate, signed by the President, which is how all federal laws come into existence...this law is 100% in effect today, it is found in U.S.C. (United States Code) Title 7 Section 602 and Section 5671. Anyone can go to any law library in the U.S. or any court house and that law will read the same whether you are in Los Angeles, New York City or Baca County.

This law was written for the protection of Agriculture and the saving of family farms and rural America. We have found that this law has been used at almost 180 degrees from what it was intended for. I think anyone living in rural America can look up and down main street or the country side and see that something is drastically wrong.

This suit was not filed on greed...not one penny was asked for in the suit...only with the hope of saving our way of life and rural America. It was filed in federal court in Denver, Colorado where federal judge John Kane dismissed it with this saying "It is too big for the court to hear and is a political issue". We appealed that ruling to the 10th circuit court of appeals...the last week in January, 2001 we were notified that the 10th circuit court of appeals will hear oral arguments on March 13, 2001 starting at (9:00 AM in the Federal Court in Denver, Colorado.

We are asking the Federal Government be forced to follow the law the same as everyone else. We have met in the Capitols of several states with governors, attorney generals and secretaries of agriculture in an attempt to form a coalition to support this law suit. All that is being asked is a ruling that no one is above the law and all must follow it.

This case is being headed up by Eugene Schroder...if anyone has any doubt, get a copy of the law suit, then go to the court house, pull down Title 7, read Section 602 and Section 5671...There is no way to know whether the ruling will be favorable or negative...If we have to we will go all the way to the Supreme Court.

I can state without hesitation 'we are right' Rural America has had billions upon billions of dollars taken from it, this cannot continue.

Alvin Jenkins

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