Volume 7, Issue 1  -  March 1, 2001

Texas News

By Vera Morris

After the election of Buddy Vance as National President, Buddy resigned as President of AAM of Texas. During a meeting of Texas membership, Arthur Chaney who was Vice-President was elected as President and Marc Wetzel was elected as Vice-President. Vera Morris was re-elected as Secretary-Treasurer. Other discussion was whether to lower the dues for membership to Texas AAM. After some discussion, it was decided to keep the membership dues at $150.

On January 31, 2001, V.B. Morris, Rick Clem and Benny Pope all from Texas met in Austin with Gene Schroder, E.D. Petrowsky, and Russell Grider. All these men met in a three and one half hour session with Susan Comb, Commissioner of Agriculture, and Kathy Reed, general legal council for T.D.A. Susan Combs was only able to stay for about 50 minutes before she had to leave for a meeting in San Angelo.

I must say that commissioner Combs seemed really alarmed at the seriousness of the problems in rural Texas. We believe that she is open to listen and look at everything possible to put money back into rural areas.

Kathy Reed and her assistant stayed and asked a lot of questions. During the meeting, Donna Rice, Colorado Assistant Attorney General, called and by speaker phone both Donna Rice and Gene Schroder were able to present a clear picture to Kathy Reed. When we left the meeting, everyone felt that T.D.A. would find that the AAA of 1933 was still U.S. Code and should be enforced and would be joining Colorado's commissioner of Agriculture in legal steps to compel the enforcement of the current U.S. Code.

The hope is to pull as many Commissioners of Agriculture into supporting the "Four Farmers Suit" as possible. Texas AAM is encouraging every state AAM organization to contact your Commissioner of Agriculture. Get them the information and get them working for PARITY.

All Texans are encouraged to pay their dues. Send them to P.O. Box 399, Sunray, TX 79086. They are only $150.

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