Volume 7, Issue 1  -  March 1, 2001

Media Program to Continue

The delegates at the January delegates meeting voted to extend the nation wide radio program that AAM is currently doing with the National Farm Broadcasters Radio Network. AAM is doing a three minute hard hitting program on PARITY issues . The program started the last week of November. So far, Buddy Vance, Joyce Jobgen, Gene Schroder, Alvin Jenkins, David Senter and V.B. Morris have all contributed to the weekly radio spots.

If you are not hearing AAM's radio program in your area, contact your local radio stations and talk to the program director or the farm broadcaster if they have one. Encourage them to broadcast the AAM spots. Tell them they can get the AAM broadcast if they call Larry DeSha at 806-351-8566. Also, another good way to insure that the spots are run is to find sponsors for the spots. Your agri-business should be glad to sponsor a three minute spot that talks about higher prices for farmers.

Remember, most of the time nothing gets done unless you do it!

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