Volume 7, Issue 1  -  March 1, 2001

Message From Our New President

Hi, I am Buddy Vance, elected president at the convention in OK City. I live about five miles from Panhandle Texas and farm 3,000 acres of wheat, milo, hay and Angus cows and calves.

I am very honored to have been elected President of AAM and that you have put your trust in me to lead our organization. I was involved with AAM before it became incorporated, helping protest wherever the leaders thought we needed to be. I saw strike offices spring up in several counties in numerous states.

I am the 9th president and I will do my best to serve and work with all staff and members of AAM, as well as other farm organizations.

I have helped to put AAM on a course that I believe will help us continue to let everyone as members have a part in accomplishing our five goals.

I believe that all will and should help by communicating and expressing their ideals to me and the elected officers.

We now have a lot of work to do in the country as well as in D.C. I hope to go forward and have a little financial help for everyone lobbying, if money is available.

I will encourage those who work with us and believe in our five goals for parity to join their state organization and become members of AAM.

After all, our only business is helping you stay in business. Thanks again.

See you on the turn row,

Buddy Vance

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