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Volume 7, Issue 3  -  July, 2001


In a letter to Senator Tom Harkin, Chairman of the Senate Agriculture committee, Buddy Vance, President, expressed AAM’s profound opposition to the nomination of Tom Dorr of Marcus, IA as Undersecretary of Agriculture for Rural Development. AAM joins 160 plus farm organizations, commodity groups and civic organizations in opposition to Tom Dorr’s nomination.

Mr. Dorr told the New York Times in 1998 that his vision for the future of U.S. agriculture included 225,000 acre farm operations (corporate farms) that were centrally managed. He would reduce rural America to one farm for every 350 miles.

Mr. Dorr has repeatedly spoken out against U.S.D.A.’s extension service promotion of sustainable farming practices. His most vehement attacks were leveled against the Leopold Center’s sustainable-agriculture programs that research alternatives to factory farms.

Tom Dorr’s vision for rural America is to put family farmers out of business. We suspect that Dorr was picked because he most closely represents President Bush’s vision of a corporate agriculture, vertical integrated mega-corporate food giants who control the worlds food supply

President Vance is urging everyone to write and call the Senators from your state in opposition of what most are calling the Poster Boy for Corporate agriculture. You can find your Senators address in the local newspaper or your telephone book. The Senate Switchboard is 202-224-3121. Make the call.

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