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Volume 7, Issue 3  -  July, 2001

From Ed Fashing in the Missouri AAM Newsletter:

The Land of the Dinosaurs

Thinking about dinosaurs, Transnational Corporations (TNCs), factory farms, huge family farms, vertically integrated corporations, and businesses that steadily over expand violate common sense, their expansion must eventually come to an end, but too late for most farmers. Farmers were promised that problems would disappear with expansion of foreign markets. Meanwhile the U.S., using food as a weapon, helping foreign countries expand their food growing sectors, and giving free food to foreign countries hurt U.S. farmersí markets. This year food imports will exceed food exports.

Nature has the ultimate answer. When a living cell grows too big, the inability to effectively remove wastes triggers changes that cause the cell to split into two cells. The ratio between surface area and volume gets too low and water cannot be expelled effectively through the outer surface.

Extra large cells and ones that reproduce too often are called cancer and must be destroyed or death is almost certain to the organism. Sometimes these cells spread throughout the body. Not only does consolidation of corporations into monopolies and oligopolies hurt producers and consumers, but also condemns corporations to death. As a corporation grows, information takes too long to get to the CEO and administrators; the organization becomes inefficient. With many smaller corporations, markets are better served all around. Countries and treaties face a similar fate with growing size. In the U.S., social services are messed up because the paperwork, interagency interaction, and number of employees are too massive for proper functioning. When the dinosaurs got too big, a nerve center in their rear end appeared. These modern corporate dinosaurs do not even have a second brain in their rear!

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