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Volume 7, Issue 3  -  July, 2001


The attack on rural and western states by giant econut organizations and mutated politicians is almost like reliving the science fiction film of the 1950ís. Fifty years ago Americans would not have believed that people would have turned on family farmers and rural communities in the name of pseudo-science (i.e. human caused global warming) and the absurd excuse of saving already doomed species. Owls, fish, insects, plants and mammals are protected instead of humans living in rural America. With a few exceptions, extinction of most endangered species was as certain as that of the dinosaurs. I repeat my whimsical assertion: millions of years ago, Tyransausauris Rex would not have become extinct if paleoeconuts and paleoPET would have been around since they would have fed dinosaurs human babies.

The travesty in the Klamath river area (Northern California and southern Oregon) is amazing. Over 1200 farms of 200,000 areas have been disenfranchised from water usage for a couple fish, a rat, and an insect. The real fish are the environmental overactivists demanding the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), the real kangaroo rat act to request restriction of water usage. The excuse is the Endangered Species List (ESL).

A bucket brigade of 12,000 took water from the Klamath River and placed it into a canal started in the 1880ís by farmersí hand digging. Did you hear about it in the liberal press? In 1904, the Federal government got involved. Water being used by farmers for over a century is now being denied farmers. Whatever happened to grandfathered actions? Farmers, ranchers, loggers, miners and rural citizens should be the ones on the ESL!

Ratification of international treaties, formation of United Nation Protection Areas, and ratification of the Endangered Species Act combine to cause absurd court actions, halt road usage, stop oil drilling, and stocking of wild animals in inappropriate areas. To avoid this and future loss of self-governing, the U.S. must neuter or cancel the Endangered Species Act and minimize the influence of the UN on U.S. laws.

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